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Marketing & Digital Marketing

Lead Generating


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Our Strategic Services

B2B/B2C Marketing agency with emphasis on client-focused solutions

Pipeline lead generation plans

Increase quality and quantity of leads with client-focused B2B/B2C lead generation planning and execution.

Brand development/integration

Strong brands that communicate consistent messaging, focused on building lifetime customers.

B2B/B2C Marketing plan strategy

Develop and execute B2B/B2C customer-focused marketing pipeline strategies.

Lead generation websites

Traffic generating websites with engaging content and best practice conversion tools.

Work/sales-force optimization

Reach peak efficiency and effectiveness with work/sales-force investigation and optimization.

In/out bound marketing services

Implement and optimize channels to your existing B2B/B2C Marketing Pipeline increasing your quality of leads.

FREE 30-Minute Consultation

Our 30 minute, no obligation FREE consultation is a great way to open lines of communication. Open dialogue where we begin to discuss your business agenda, immediate plans, goals and build on ideas of how we can collaborate together to reach milestones and achieve your strategic vision.



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Analytic reports and case studies are available upon request.

A Customer-Focused Marketing Agency

A B2B/B2C Marketing Agency with SMARTER ways of doing things.



Smith MacKenzie is a team of experienced tech savvy Marketers with specialized expertise in Internet technologies based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada..


Services include B2B/B2C marketing planning & strategy, digital marketing planning & strategy, demand generation, in/outbound marketing planning & strategy, brand creation/integration strategy, CRM, SEO, SEM, marketing automation systems and training, advertising/digital advertising, B2B lead nurturing database systems, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing,

B2B/B2C website design and development.


We are a B2B/B2C demand generation marketing agency.

"Smith MacKenzie was hired by McLean & Kerr LLP as a marketing consultant specializing in SEO and related activities. Results were superlative and almost immediate. Very professional in all communication and very learned in his areas of activity.".

Hugh M. MacKenzie

Marketing Committee

Client Testimonials

Don't take it from us, hear from the people who've entrusted us.

"I connected with Smith MacKenzie for help building my brand and lead generation. The business cards, brochures, posters, postcards and everything were beautiful. The Search Engine work he performed was phenomenal, and have been very successful.".

Leslie J. Smith

Employment Lawyer

"I contacted Fraser and the Smith MacKenzie team with hopes of improving my Search Engine presence and Google ranking. 5 Minutes later, Fraser provided me with a list of challenge areas, and action plan to fix these issues. The phone has been off the hook since.".

Rob Van Driel

Construction Developer

"Smith MacKenzie has become one of the most important influences to my businesses success. They've stood behind me in every aspect of the word, built a strong brand and guided me along the way with knowledge, expertise and support.".

Justin Jones

Real Estate Agent


Transparency is the cornerstone of a strong and successful collaboration between partners. Information integration and communication increases departmental effectiveness.


We are a passionate team of Marketing professionals excited to face new and exciting challenges everyday, and our work reflects it.


We're strong believers in the 5 P's, proper preparation prevents poor performance. All decisions are made based on fact, statistics, research and investigation.

About Us

About Us

About Us

Fraser MacKenzie
Smith MacKenzie Marketing and Digital Marketing
1270 Gainsborough Dr, Unit #69
Oakville , Ontario , L6H 2L2 Canada
(905-) 599-0890
Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing pipeline strategy, Lead Generation strategy

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A tech savvy Marketing Agency with proven expertise in client-focused pipeline development and lead generation strategy.

Address :
1270 Gainsborough Dr, Unit #69,
Ontario - L6H 2L2

Tel : (905) 599-0890
Email : [email protected]


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